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Discount X6DALTG Atx E7525 MotherboardOn Sale Product

Supermicro X6DAL-TG Atx E7525 Motherboard

CE - It weighs something like 1 lbs.
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Discount X6DH8XB MainboardOn Sale Product

Supermicro X6DH8-XB Mainboard - Extended Atx - E7520 - Socket 604 - UDMA100, Sat

CE - Add to your pc's productivity with the X6DH8-XB Mainboard from Supermicro. 672042884032 is the bar code (Universal Product Code) for this Supermicro desktop motherboard. The main board has a weight of 5.4 lbs.
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Discount Super X5DPRTG2On Sale Product

Supermicro Super X5DPR-TG2+ - Mainboard - Extended Atx - E7501 - ( X5DPR-TG2+ Bulk )

CE - the Super X5DPR-TG2+ - a great Supermicro motherboards from Super Micro Computer Inc is likely to make your pc seem absolutely new.
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Discount X6DALXG Mainboard Atx E7525