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Supermicro Motherboard Pdsme+ Intel Pentium D/4 EE/4/CELERON D Intel 3010 LGA775 FSB1066MHZ Bulk New

Supermicro Motherboard Pdsme Intel Pentium


MPN: B2253661a12
Package Quantity: 1

In my opinion you will like that the product has got this feature of supported ram technology - ddr2 533 /667. Other features consist of on board ati es1000 16mb graphics. and graphics memory - 16mb. A little research will go far along with that you'll with certainty select the things which you want and need. Cheapest price Supermicro Motherboard Pdsme+ Intel Pentium.

1---Pentium D, Pentium 4 Extreme Edition (64-bit) , Pentium 4, and Celeron D in LGA775 Package (FSB 1066/800/533 ). The customer must notify us inside 24 hours if they get a defective product in order to get RMA # and get credit. Supports GREEN energy savings through built-in ECO outlets that automatically energy off unused personal computer accessories like printers or multi-media speakers when the personal computer is not in use. CPU, Memory, Systems, Notebooks, and Software products are not returnable for Credit. Tripp Lites ECO550UPS standby GREEN UPS delivers complete protection from blackouts, brownouts and transient surges. The customer can have a replacement of items purchased during first 30 days of invoice date. 2---Intel 3010 (Mukilteo-2P) Chipset. Full load efficiency rating of 99% also offers energy-savings and cooler operation by limiting UPS energy consumption to only 3 watts Eco-friendly design meets strict Ro HS environmental standards. Condition and terms A 15 days from date of invoice; during first 7 days no restocking fee will be charged in most cases, supplied item (s) are returned as new, unopened, complete and in re-sellable condition. After 7 days a 15% restocking fee will apply. 4---Intel 82573V + Intel 82573L PCI-e Gigabit Controllers (2x LAN Ports ). 5---Built-in SATA Controller 4x SATA (3Gbps) Drive Support. 3---Up to 8GB unbuffered ECC / non-ECC DDR2 667/533 SDRAM. 6---1 (x4) and 1 (x8) PCI-Express 2x 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X 2x 64-bit 100MHz PCI-X.


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